Property Bridging Finance:

1. What is property bridging finance?

This is a way of accessing funds that will be available in the future when a property transaction is registered in the Deeds Office to either the seller, the owner obtaining mortgage bond finance, or the estate agent with a claim for commission.

2. How do I apply for property bridging finance?

Complete the Mr Finance enquiry form, email it to or fax it to 086 2071502. We will send you a quotation, on your acceptance of the quote we will obtain the undertaking from the attorneys, together with any other documents we require and send you the contract to sign. Send the signed contract back to us and our service provider will make payment direct to you or to the attorney for credit to your account.

3. How long will it take before the property bridging finance is paid to me?

This depends firstly, on whether the property transaction is ready for bridging, and secondly, on how quickly Mr Finance can obtain the undertaking and other requirements from the attorneys.  If there are no problems, payment can usually happen on the same day, unless the application is declined.

4. Who qualifies for property bridging finance?

You can qualify if you are the seller of fixed property, have sold the property and are expecting payment on registration; or the owner of the property who is receiving money from a new/further/switched bond on registration of the bond in the Deeds Office. If you are an estate agent who has a claim for commission as a result of a sale but not yet registered, you also qualify for property bridging finance.

5. I am blacklisted. Can I get property bridging finance?

Mr Finance evaluates each application based on its merits. Please submit an enquiry form for evaluation.

6. What is the minimum and maximum transaction size?

Minimum R20,000  Maximum R2 Million

7. I need bridging finance for my business but I have not sold any properties. Can you help?

Yes, Mr Finance may be able to assist subject to equity in property and the affordability to repay over 6 /12 months. Please complete the enquiry form so that we may assess your requirements and see whether we can assist.

Pension/Provident/Investment/Assurance Policy/MVA Claims/Other Proceeds Bridging Finance

Mr Finance has various service providers to finance any of the abovementioned. Please submit an enquiry form for valuation.

Personal Loans

Do you finance Personal Loans?

Yes. Mr Finance has various Service Providers. Minimum R1 500 Maximum R250 000. Please complete an enquiry form.


Asset-backed Finance

Do you finance equipment, vehicles or other movable assets?

Yes, Mr Finance has various Service Providers. Please complete an enquiry form.


Rent To Own

1. Do you finance cars and other types of vehicles (taxis, bikes, etc.)?

Yes Mr Finance has various Service Providers to finance New and Pre-owned vehicles.

2. What is the minimum and maximum transaction amount?

It depends on your Gross Monthly Income and the monthly rental you can afford to pay.  (Mr Finance only checks on your affordability). Please complete an enquiry form.



Who CANNOT be assisted by Mr Finance?
- Temporary workers.
- Salaries  paid in Cash.

What types of company  employees can MR.Finance assist ?
We assist employees of the following company types:

  • All types of government
  • CCs
  • (Pty) Ltd
  • Limited companies (Ltd)
  • Trusts , Partnerships and Incorporated (Inc) .

What is Mr Finance’s age requirement ?
You need to be at least 18 years of age.

How long do I need to be employed with my present employer?
You need to be permanently employed for a minimum of 3 months
If you are on a contract it must have a start and end date. Minimum of 6 or 12 months.

Self-employed - a minimum of 6 months. (Mr Finance needs 6 months bank statements)

Can I apply if my salary goes into someone else's account ?

Yes, in Spouses account, providing Spouse also signs loan agreement with you.

Joint accounts also acceptable.              

Will I qualify if I am blacklisted? Under debt review? Under administration?  Sequestrated?
Yes , Mr Finance does assist. Some of our service providers do no credit checks and have helped thousands, however all applications still need to meet a certain Criteria – affordability.  Some of our service providers do credit checks and only allow so many judgments/defaults, and you also need to meet a certain credit score and other Criteria. (See requirements under the different Services)

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